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Pic O' The Day:
'UNHHHHHHHHHHH' [Sorry, very very inside joke.]

Music News: Okay. Here's the first few. Told ya I'd get to them eventually.

12 mikabomb - the fake fake sound of mikabomb

The third song of the album, "Contact Tokyo," has these chorus lyrics:

Contact Tokyo,
Danger in the water
Poison in the babies blood
ontact tokyo,
Naked in a raincoat
Fucking up the fashion show

Now, you tell me this band doesn't rock like Grandma's knitting chair. The band's made up of 4 young Japanese girls and some white drummer. Keep Rivers Cuomo away from this group, he'll do a reverse-Yoko on their asses! Their sound is a total clusterfuck of Garage punk, Japanese pop, The Ramones, and Sleater-Kinney. Call your local shop and check this album out, there's something on it for you regardless of your preferences within the punk rock spectrum.
Go download: Contact Tokyo, Hey Man, Yellow Danger Babies

11 seven storey - dividing by zero
I sorta stumbled across these guys in July, they had a song called "Third Rail" that was on a Deep Elm Records sampler. About half the album was filled with great songs, by far the best label sampler I've ever heard. Seven Storey's contribution, however, smoked the rest of them, and I had feeling, a feeling I get every few months, of disappointment in myself that I hadn't discovered this band sooner than I did. I hit up all the file-sharing services, and was able to assemble one of their previous full lengths and an EP after about ten days. Fabulous stuff. Vocalist Lance Lammers has a resemblance to Dave Grohl, and the music can best be described as indie rock meets straight up ballkickin' rock with intelligent lyrics, including the lyrics to "Politician":

Just a public servant
The public's money serves me well
I own a dozen houses
I even own a few hotels
Get a nice allowance
From the rich I'm working for
If you're coming empty-handed
Then I'll show your ass the door

For the first time in a very long time, I found a band that wasn't lyrically vague when writing about social issues. My Pearl Jam radar went off, as I couldn't help but picture Mr. Vedder digging this song, wishing he wrote it. Seven Storey released my #11 pick the same day I got to see them open for Local H at the Whiskey in L.A., and it was the only album I listened to the whole drive home. They've gotten sharper lyrically, more diverse musically (going softer at times but creating beautiful songs in the process), and just tighter-sounding both as a band and with production values, as the boardwork is done all by Lammers.
Go download: Politician, Third Rail, No Dress Rehearsal, Flavor War

10 john butler trio - three
John Butler is a mix of Ben Harper and the jamming, extended bridge of any live version of Pearl Jam's "Porch." I don't care how else anyone wants to classify or categorize his music, this is what I think whenever I hear his songs. After the Aussie contingent hyped up his music (i.e. bugged me to download JBT's music incessantly), I finally hunted down various tracks. I had about three of their songs for a while, but it wasn't enough to really get a feel of what they were about. Eventually the talk about him grew, as did my interest, piqued by the announcement that he was playing at Street Scene. Fortunately, the massed were relatively unfamiliar with his music, and I was able to take my ass (and my camera) front row center to enjoy the set. When he first started, there couldn't have been any more than 15 people around. Since this was at a big festival, some were just passing through, and a few of those 15 walked away once they heard what type of music he played. Forty-five minutes and about 55 pictures later, I turned around to leave for another stage. There had to have been about 250-300 people behind me applauding loudly, with a line forming at the merchandise stand snapping up all his cds. He played only about five songs (long jams on some of those, remember) but two of those were ones I was foaming at the mouth to hear. It felt weird to be rocking out so much to a band that perhaps only a handful of people around me had heard before, but it's great to know that you're watching an artist that in a few minutes will prove himself to the crowd, and show the crowd why you're dancing around like a dork. The Seven Storey show was much worse; I was the only person within the front 100 people or so who knew anything from them, and the only other person rocking out to it was a guy I was talking to in line who told me he was in to Foo Fighters and Hum, each bands I could definitely imagine being influences to Seven Storey. Okay, enough about my eliteness, back to the review! JBT's "Three" is eight songs, two over 11 minutes. John's prowess on guitar makes up for thought-provoking but unrefined lyric work, something that at times is almost frustrating because it's like a classic car with a bad paint job; there's a gem underneath the scars, and with time the annoyances can be removed. The undeveloped lyrics combined with great music are reminiscent of Ben Harper's early work, and Ben's taken large steps to remedy what he would probably admit is his weakest point. Take in point this verse from JBT's "Life Ain't What It Seems":

Just like that environmental day sponsored by Shell
So we can all endorse the killing and go straight to hell
It's like Bunnings saying they're supporting your community
While they're chopping it right down and some things ain't what they seem

He's on the topic, and he's creating awareness (which for a musician is just about the best thing you can do), but there's a very crude, straightforward way he goes about it that lacks a bit of lyrical maturity. These eight songs work little more as an official record of JBT's catalog, since the real place the band and their abilities shine is on stage. However, since he's relatively unknown at this point (U.S. tour on the way in the Spring though), and only one good-quality bootleg is floating around, this is an essential album for my collection. If I were factoring live performances of the songs on the albums on my list into my placement, JBT would be in the top three without doubt, but since I'm only looking at the albums released they place strong at #10.
Go download: Colours, Valley, Take

That's 12-10. I'll do three a day three more times between now and the end of the month. No, really, I can do this! With Seven Storey and JBT I recommended some tracks not on the albums I ranked, but since hardly anyone's heard anything from them I felt it neccessary to include what I feel is some of their best work from their whole catalog.

Okay. Let's move on.

Local News: My pal Brett's 22nd birthday was on Tuesday, and to celebrate we felt drinking would be a good plan. We were up far too early in the morning to gather at his place, where we headed on out to Beverages & More to pick up some beverages. And more. I grabbed two bottles of beer, and being the adventurous person you all know me as I got a pint of Samuel Smith's India Pale Ale and a pint of Young's Oatmeal Stout. The IPA was decent, probably would have been great on tap. The Oatmeal actually tasted nothing like Oatmeal, but instead tasted like these. It was pretty damn good, and I could definitely see myself enjoying it with a nice big burger, much like how I like a Guiness. Brett grabbed three different beers, but only drank one over the course of the day. The one he tried, I presume, soured him on the whole beer concept for the afternoon. But more on that in a second. For lunch we headed over to Kwan's South China Buffet, where we stuffed various beef and chicken products into our guts. We paid, but the guy who took our money (though it's a buffet, you still pay at the table and tip) came back over to us, put the pay platter back down, and said "it twenty-six, you give twenty-two" while pointing at the $26.88 written on the bill. We all looked at each other, knowing that we had placed a $20, a $10, and a couple $1s on the platter. We told him what we did, and he said "no, twenty-six, no twenty-two." We couldn't figure out why he was talking like that, cause he was Mexican.

Sorry, that's not true. I'll stop throwing in random Dave Chappelle jokes. Let's proceed.

Devin the Cuban eventually was able to communicate to him that we had indeed paid enough, and that the $10 must have fallen off the platter. He walks over with our waiter to the vicinity of the register, where they find the $10 bill saddled up against the side of the register. The waiter apologizes, and all is good. We went back to the apartment of a couple of the guys were were with, threw on the classic movie "UHF," and started to test our purchases. Now, a little background on the one beer Brett tried. We went through just about every single beer they had on the shelf, looking at contents and how old each brand was (finding an Austrian beer taking the cake at 1295). We came across this Belgian beer, or Austrian, can't remember...on the back, the bottle said that the beer is only brewed once a year, on December 6th, and that the date is looked forward to across the country as it's the date when their citizens can again enjoy the tasty beverage. Pretty much a seasonal item, like a candy cane. Anyway, further down, it lists the feature most attractive to myself and Brett. "12.5% alcohol." Now, back to the apartment. Brett opens the beer, and the first thing out of his mouth is "whoa." He leans in to take a sniff, and shakes his head not unlike that of a dog when they smell something really rank, or like when a fly lands on your face and you try to move your head to get it off instead of using your hand. He hesitantly takes a sip, swallows, and gets another "damn that's bad" look on his face. Naturally, he does the only logical thing, and goes "so who wants to try this?" If you'll recall, I'm quite the adventurous person, so I step up to the challenge. When I get within about four feet of Brett and the beer, I pick up a scent of vinegar, along with something else that doesn't sweeten the deal. Even if I hadn't seen Brett's reactions, just bringing the bottle up to my mouth would have already made me fear what was about to go in it. To try and understand the taste, picture yourself in a Chinese food restaurant, similar to the one we were in earlier in the day. Get out a bottle of cheap wine. I'm talking wine that's labeled "For the discriminating hobo." Also get out a bottle of white vinegar. Get out a regular 12-oz. glass. Fill the glass about half way with the wine. Fill the glass to the two-thirds mark with the vinegar. Add a couple tablespoons of a thickening agent such as yeast. Stir that up to give it some chew. Then, get a bottle of soy sauce. Fill glass, stir again, and drink. Kids, I tell you only twice have I drank a more repulsive beverage. Once was when someone bought some red-colored Italian alcoholic beverage, and used the wrong things to add to it, creating this martini that no one could even handle enough to swallow a single sip. The other time was when I had a drink that was about 3/4th Gin 1/4 Sprite, but I forgive the substitute bartender on that one :)

One other person tried this hellacious beer, and it was quickly disposed of down the drain. Unlike the French in WWII, it continued to fight and linger, its smell polluting the kitchen for hours to come. Later in the evening a group of us headed out to Tio Leo's for some sweet birthday grub. I hooked it up with a beef burrito and a side of rice and beans. Good times, good times.

So that was Tuesday! Wednesday was very uneventful, as I putzed around on here and watched some tv. Good ol Winter Break.

Tomorrow I'll post details on my Xmas list, should you feel so inclined to grab a thing or three on there for your favorite Sidewalk Crusader (hint: me). Also, I'll tell ya about my official singing debut and get through album reviews for Ben Harper, Tenacious D, and Ben Folds.

E to the Izzel, M to the izzo. Elmo scored major karma points tonight, go tell him to make you a sandwich.

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Quote Of The Day
(My pal Brett after tasting the 12.5% beer)
Aw man, it tastes like...soy sauce! I want mine to taste like bacon!

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Pic O' The Day:
Mmm, pie.</cartman>

Site News: I happen to know I have a few new readers since my last update, and I'd like to welcome them to the game and invite them to go through some of the old updates, and more importantly to check out my vato Dre's page, he's almost as funny as his mom. Comments, critiques, and drink recipes can be directed to the email listed at the bottom of the update. Now, on to more pressing matters. I know it's been a while since the last update, but I wanted to focus on...

School News: Finals. I had, as most of you who read this know, 1,400 pages to read in the week prior to this past one. I actually stayed on course the whole way, and while tired, kept working hard up until finals week. As for the actual grades I'll get, I'm not going to guess. I just can't bother with things that are out of my control like that, especially since I'm fearing the results in my French Politics and Middle Eastern Politics classes. While I was far from DOMINATING my Voting/Campaigning/Elections class, I redeemed myself after a piss-poor effort I threw together after being sick as shit after the Pearl Jam weekend. I did the best I could, at no part in the process of taking any final did I actually just give the ol' college "fuck it" and wrap up something that wasn't ready to be wrapped up. Since I spent so little time on campus this quarter my updates were woefully lacking in school-related incidents and quotes, which I know for a while were the cornerstone of my site. Sad, yes, but it worked. I do, however, have a couple school nuggets for you kids today, in honor of this being the first update of Winter vacation (aka 'Four weeks of Brad waking up at 2 PM and going to sleep 6 AM'). One thing that's been bugging me more and more ever since I've started parking in the Pangaea lot at school is when I get into the elevator, and someone else is in there with me. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, 'that's more than enough to piss me off.' But get this, there's more to it! So, the floors are numbered 1 through 6, with six being the upper-most floor and 1 being where I usually have to park at. I'll press 6, being as it's the top floor. However, for some reason, the little star is next to the 5th floor. Maybe because it's the floor you enter the structure on, I have no idea. We end up going up to the fifth floor, where the idiot gets off, and I ride it up for one more floor, lest I look like the guy who doesn't know where to get off at. The doors open for me on the sixth, where I look down to see the person I was in the elevator with walk up this incline to get up to street level. I know not everyone knows what floor takes them to where they want to go, and so some rely on the star, but this is getting ridiculous. It happens every time. Why do people, if they're going to take an elevator, not take it to the top? It's like taking the bus, and getting off two stops before the one that's right outside your building. I blame it on the United Nations.

Beer News: Right now, I gotta say I like Newcastle over Corona. It's just a bit more fulfilling, with a taste that doesn't seem to be as submissive to the watery qualities of beer as, say, Corona or Sam Adams.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for your favorite feature and mine, freakin' VIEWER MAIL!!!!!!!!

Denise Yamada from Poway, California writes,

Brad, gotta say, I love the site. If there was any local news station that hadn't already hired and fired me, I'd totally work there and tell the city how great your site is, and then do a story about how much porn you've downloaded over the years and how you're totally a perv, even though you really aren't. Cause I'm a bitch like that. Anyway, here's why I'm writing - I've heard some things about NBC moving their studios downtown, and since I've become enemies with everyone who's ever worked there I can't get the inside scoop. Whazzup? Toodles!

Well Denise, um, thanks? I dunno. I always liked your work on CBS, but once they fired you they hired two really cute, young, cheaper-to-employ anchors that all but made me forget about your mug. As for
NBC, one of your other former bosses, they're certainly moving downtown, starting sometime within the month. All I've been able to gather from my sources is that their news set will be either sorta outdoors or open in the back to passerby like on the Today Show. In other words, a cheap rating ploy. kYOUsi will also be doing something similar, but unfortunately the construction of the building they're supposed to be in has been held up. Thanks for writing Denise, see ya in the unemployment line!

Next letter is from an E. Nies, of New York City. Mr. Nies writes,

YOYOYO THIS IS ERIC NIES FROM THE GRRAWWWIIIIIND!!!! YO I hear your [sic] a pretty dope guy man, like those kids I was with on the Real World except not as fake and with no hopes of turning their little Real World appearance into a full-fleged [sic] gig oN MTV. I just wanted to right [sic] to tell you that I'll be in your area next week doing an opening of a used car place, so if you or your readers are free Tuesday evening at 8 PM swing on by the Don Kott Mazda-Mitsubishi-Infinity Great Deal-ership and say hi. It's in Orange County, about ten minutes north of that factory outlet that looks like a castle. Oh, also, since Carson Daly's gonna take over the spot after Conan O'Brien, do you think MTV would let me get my afternoon time slot back? Thanks! Jesus Saves!

Wow, a genuine celebrity, back in 1993 for a week or two! Thanks for writing Eric, it's good to see you're doing something that gives you enough money to pay your electric bill. Now, your groveling reminds me of something I've wanted to address for a while now but really haven't gotten around to doing. Bands do this, television does this, and apparently you're doing this as well...however I don't hold you accountable as much because you're just dumb east coast trash (no, I don't hate all my east coast friends, just the trash ones, you know who you are). Something that's very important to remember, and this goes for everyone, is that Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego are three different places. Unlike the east coast, where you can just hop on a trolley or monkey or whatever you call those things that travel underground and take people places, we have to sit in traffic for two hours to get from one county to the next. No, doesn't matter the time of day, it's inevitable. Therefore, "your area" is not Orange County. Anything outside of twenty minutes by car on a normal traffic day is outside "my area." Just because it looks close on your Rand McNally map doesn't mean it's a simple trek. Bands play L.A., and think that's good enough for the general Southern California area. Not only does it fail to factor in the distance variable, but people seem to forget THERE'S A LOT OF GODDAMN PEOPLE HERE, close to 13 million of us (SD/LA/OC/Riverside/San Berdnadino counties), and we don't all fit into some club on Sunset. With television, they think that since we're close to L.A. we must love all sports teams from that area, completely forgetting that we have our own set of mediocre schools and franchises to get angry at. USC/UCLA games I can understand, seeing as their alumni is spread out all over the southland and we don't have a big sports school here in San Diego. But to get Clippers games over the bigger national game? C'mon! We don't wanna see the Clippers! The Clippers don't wanna see the Clippers!
I see I've drifted a bit in my response there, Eric. My apologies. To continue, if I had to guess I'd say you might have a bit of difficulty getting your spot back on MTV, considering that when you were on there introducing Biggie videos and co-hosting with Daisy Fuentes (if you got her phone number, hook me up dogg) the core audience for MTV now was only eight. And does Jesus save jobs and Q ratings? Cause if he does, you might wanna look into a new religion...or a time machine, back to 1993.

Okay, time for the final letter of the day. I don't get many as it is, and most are just people cussing me out and telling me the Grilled Stuft Burrito from Taco Bell actually IS real Mexican food.

Hey Brad, it's your old buddy Gene Hackman! Just wanted to let you know we're all pulling for you up here in Hollywood, and if you need anything let us know. You're in our prayers.

Wyatt Earp's Gene Hackman, what the hell are you talking about? I'm not dying!
Then again, I've always thought you looked extremely similar to my doctor, so maybe you're on to something. I guess we'll let time be the judge of that.

Also, on a side note, did anyone realize Hackman was in Unforgiven, Wyatt Earp, and The Quick and the Dead? Did that man have a Western fetish or what? Good to see he kicked that and moved on to the more niche market of "football strike films" with The Replacements.

I said in my last update that in the next one I'd detail my top albums of the year. Naturally, I always remember to do that when it's far too late in the evening. I swear, I will get that in before the end of the year. Not that any of you will care or even check out some of the bands on the list that you haven't heard before, but it's good to have on public record.

Countdown until the THREE DAYS OF SOCIAL D: 9!


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Quote Of The Day
(A conversation between myself and Joe, the Australian)
Me: do you have christmas trees there?
Joe: yes, but they are red rather than green. and instead of a star/angel on top, we put a dwarf up there. if it sings christmas carrols to us, we'll reward it by feeding it fish heads. i mean, it's tough for the little guy when he's gotta be on top of a tree AND generate our electricity (Australia just found out about it last week). of course we have fucking christmas trees here!!
Me: you misspelled 'carols.'
Joe: you're a cunt.

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Pic O' The Day:
A ripoff of Joe's "No Code" ripoff he put up on his page. It rules, yeah, I know.

Holiday News: So, for those of us here in the states and any yanks living abroad, yesterday (the 22nd) was Thanksgiving. The holiday that celebrates our raping and pillaging of the Native American villages when the starving pilgrims couldn't get food on their own as a result of their inability to cultivate the land good enough to feed their people. At least that's what THEY want you to believe. By "THEY," I of course mean the feminists. Since the Raistrick household is full of rebels, we honored the tradition of Thanksgiving by cooking up a 6.5 lb. prime rib that was fuckin' good. Opening for the prime rib were some good local foods, mashed potatoes and corn. They went on at about 12:45 PM. Put on a good show, a little light on the pageantry, but more than enough to keep my attention. On the side stage were three rolls with butter, which served as a great prelude to stuffing, which really surprised me with a standout performance on this day of days. At the after party (dessert, for those of you too dense to run alongside this metaphor), pumpkin pie blew away the remaining space left in the stomach, and were joined for an encore by a mountain of whipped cream. Prime rib and another three rolls walked back out to say hello to the crowd (I had another piece late in the evening), which brought the day to a close. Next up in the "meals I wait 51 weeks and six days for" department is Mom's coffee cake & scrambled eggs on Christmas morning. Neither of us know exactly what our plans will be for Christmas day, but if I have to haul three eggs in their carton to wherever I spend the morning at, I'll do it. After that is the famous Raistrick Chili Cheese Dip, an artery clogger that makes a Jumbo Jack look like a leafy salad. That's usually for the Super Bowl, but there's no official schedule for its preparation. I'll wait that long though, it's more than worth the wait.

Food News: (I've rambled enough up there, so I'll start a new header) If I was on death row and they asked me what my last meal would be, I think I'd go with two Jumbo Jacks, an extra large Meat Lovers Pizza with extra cheese (that's pepperoni/italian sausage/canadian bacon/ham) from this place down the street, a crock pot full of Chili Cheese Dip, and a California burrito (that's carne asada/hash browns/cheese/salsa fresca/rice) and beef burrito from Taco Surf. Take a two-liter of Dr. Pepper and a Sunkist/Triple Sec/Rum/Absolut Mandarin mixed drink to wash it down, and I'm ready to meet my maker. Then again, if I eat all that, in or out of prison, I think I'd be done for.

Shopping News: Keep your girdles on ladies, I'm not gonna start yapping about some lameass sale that I'm sure you got up way too early for and still paid too much money for some outfit you'll wear three times then say it's "out of season" or "too revealing" or "doesn't define the camel toe enough." No, I'm gonna mention the gi-fucking-gantic sale going on at Best Buy this morning! As I type this, it gets underway at the East Coast Best Buys in one hour...I can only imagine the madness going on outside the doors! 110-pack of 80-minute blank cds, free after rebate! 60 GB 5400 RPM hard drive, $50! A microwave that looked all nice and shiny in the ad, $149! Starts at 7 AM, and I'm really eyeing that blank cd deal. Hell, it's 3:14 AM right now, and my post-meal nap/passout got me a bit of rest. I could hit the Best Buy, grab the cds, nap for a few hours, catch the Nebraska/Colorado football game that starts at 12:30 PM, and get right back in to rhythm. Some time over this weekend I need to get busting on my schoolwork. I have about 1,500 pages to read, and my first final is in something like 11 days. As the Kottonmouth Kings once said (before they began to really suck), "you do the math, motherfucker."

Music News: I was gonna elaborate on my list of my top dozen albums of 2001, but I think my body is composed of 56% cow/44% me at the moment so I'll save that for the next update.

Hope everyone had a great day, and you got to spend it with family or friends or that lady that picks cans out of your garbage on wednesday mornings that you've tried to pick off with your BB gun but haven't been able to do since you're a bad shot in the morning before you have your coffee. Tell her she owes me at least a quarter of the profits off those cans, I was the one who drank them, after all.


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Quote Of The Day
(Said to myself, multiple times, over the course of the afternoon)
"One more bite...ooh, that was good...okay, one more bite..."

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Pic O' The Day:
Watch my six-string friend change the world, it's the sound I make that makes you dance.

Music News: So, I took in a night of good time rock & roll with the band Zwan at the hated 'Canes. I got pretty far up in line thanks to fellow MFCer Srikant, and we were later joined by Ms. Bilotti to make it a scene, man. The opening band, South of Houston, didn't bring much to the table. Their music wasn't terrible but the background vocals were painful and the lyrics were all "I'm angry/disillusioned, my girlfriend left me, my parents didn't care for me, blah blah blah." I can get that from Staind. But I don't, cause for the most part Staind stinks.

After about 40 minutes, that bald bastard Billy Corgan came out with Jimmy Chamberlain on drums, and two other guys whose names escape me at the moment. Billy was smiling and jovial the whole evening, let out a few "this feels good" yells over the course of the evening, and was smiling back at Jimmy when the situation turned to humor. They played a set similar to the sets played in the previous shows, but it varied in a few parts enough to keep us guessing what the next song was. They opened with "Chrysanthemum," the opener at all the other shows, and with that fast rock number they really didn't let up the whole evening. Even on the slower tunes, there was still a pace to it that kept the crowd into it. Then again, Billy could have come out and shot ping pong balls out of his ass for 45 minutes and the kids down front would have cheered.

Hell, I woulda cheered for that. But I digress.

For myself, Jimmy was the highlight of the evening. I knew he was a good drummer, but there were just some songs that he completely took over, especially the closer, which I unfortunately don't have a name for at this time. It went back and forth between slowing to a crawl and going at a speed metal-esque tempo, and Jimmy controlled it all. His fills were hard and appropriate, and he used his kit fully without being too technical for the sake of being technical.

They did two encores, and after the second the biggest crowd I've ever seen at 'Canes exited. As I was about to back out of my parking spot in my car, I saw two guys walking by my car. They were pushing each other around, and one guy pushed the other into some bushes, where he fell down. They were obviously drunk, or just stupid shits. So I back out and begin to drive forward, where one of the guys stumbles around and almost walks right out in front of my car. I stop, and he sorta jogs a couple steps forward. I begin to go again, and as I pass him he almost veers right into my front right bumper. I get just about to the end of the row of cars, when I hear a noise, like someone punching the roof of my car. I slam on my breaks, and I see what looks like a shot glass or something of similar shape go flying over the front of my car and down on to the ground ahead of me. I turn around at the end of the row, and drive back down the row where the two guys are standing, one on each side of the row. I yell various expletives at the guy on my left, who was the guy I almost hit when I went down the row from the other direction. He yells something back, probably counter-expletives, I imagine. Not satisfied, I roll up both my windows - my passenger-side window all the way, my window up all the way except for a little slot.

Enough for me to hawk a loogie out.

I bust back down the row, where the guy I almost hit is standing in the row. I accelerate. He sidesteps the car well ahead of me reaching him, leans his head back, and I see he's thinking along the same line of offense as I am. Fortunately, I'm firing from a fortified defense vehicle, and he's just some sack of shit in the street. I strike a direct hit on his leg. SCORE. When I got home I looked on the outside of the car for marks, as I know he was close enough to make contact with the Contour. Poor car. I wiped off any moisture around my door, which was largely dew from the weather, and really didn't spot anything that I could confidently identify as loog. Checked the roof for any lasting marks, and in the bad lighting I couldn't spot anything. I'll check again tomorrow when there's no dew.

Television News: The Old Navy lady...you know, the one with the dog and those telescope lenses for glasses? SHE DIED!! How cool is that? I mean, yeah, it's sad, but we don't have to deal with her terrible commercials anymore!

Yes, I don't need a passenger. I'm allowed to drive in the carpool lane to hell.

Anthrax News: I'm in the elevator of the parking structure I park in each day (well, Tuesday/Thursday), and I notice some white powder in the front corners of the elevator and a little on one of the doors. Therefore, if I start to feel ill in the next few days and you hear my name on the news as the "first contracted case of inhalation anthrax on the west coast," point the media to this page so they'll know I knew something may have been up. Also, my hits will rise. It'll be rad.

Busdriver Chick News: I'm walking to the shuttle stop, and as I get about 100 feet away I see one of the shuttles pull up to the stop and continue on. Of course, the cute driver is driving that one. I wait another ten minutes for the next one, sure to be driven by a considerably less attractive girl. Sure enough, I get some girl who is blasting the spanish music station. "The," who am I kidding. One of the spanish music stations. Woe is me.

Next concerts on the horizon: Social motherfucking Distortion, 12/17-18, 'Canes. I only really function when I have things to look forward to, and this is a biggie. Hey, Dre...I wanna get rail for one, if not both of these shows, you up for it? Knowing Canes we'll get more air on the rail than anywhere else in the general pit area.


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Quote Of The Day
(Zwan guitarist Matt Sweeney and Billy Corgan, tonight)
MS: This place ('Canes) reminds me of a pirate movie (the place has a tropical motif)
BC: Which one?
MS: The one, you know...it had the boat...you know...
BC: No, there's a lot like that, which one of those?
MS: It was the one...that was rated aRRRRRRGH
BC: Oh...no...
Crowd: Booooooooo.

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11.19.01 1:03 AM - 1ST EST FINISH TIME:12:55


Pic O' The Day:
Look people, it's come to this. I'm giving you pictures of my goddamned refridgerator.

Site News: This is gonna be an old-school update. All bitching, lots o' funny, and light on the serious crap. Let's get this bastard under way.

Movie News: So, there's this steamer, the new Martin Lawrence vehicle, called "Black Knight" or "Tired Plot" or "How In The Name Of Dirty Irish Policework Does Something Like This Get Greenlighted By Studio Execs?" or something like that. Lawrence somehow goes back to the 14th century, where his crazy urban minority antics first bewilder and alienate the locals but then slowly win the people over. There's been about 34 movies with this same plot before, but I can't remember any of their titles because I don't rummage through the .99 cent bin at Walmart (very often).

Music News: So, here's my top dozen albums of 2001, in this order:

01 red animal war- breaking in an angel
02 jimmy eat world- bleed american
03 rocket from the crypt- group sounds
04 daft punk - discovery
05 the living end - roll on
06 tool - lateralus
07 ben folds - rockin the suburbs
08 tenacious d - tenacious d
09 ben harper - live from mars
10 john butler trio - three
11 seven storey - dividing by zero
12 mikabomb - the fake fake sound of mikabomb

I'll elaborate more on why I picked these album soon enough, and expect a similar list from Dre soon as well (I mentioned this to him about a week ago, but putting it here will get him motivated and on the ball to get it done). We'll be like Siskel & Ebert on that shit. Ironic the fat one lived longer than the thin one, huh? Serves that uppity Gene Siskel right, no one should badmouth Karate Kid III. That shit was A-BOMB, yo.

DVD News: Episodes of "Mr. Show With Bob & David" will be released on DVD sometime in the near future, I think spring of 2002. Someone, buy these for me. Thanks!

This just in, the band +Live+ sucks.

Local News: Los Angeles sucks. The Whisky is a cool venue, however, which just furthers a streak of bitchin venues in L.A. that I like but have to deal with L.A. to get to. On the upside, the drive there and back seems to get shorter each time I make it, and taking the 405 instead of the 5 is a real timesaver. Because of that discovery they conveniently failed to tell me and their errant listings of various roads in the downtown L.A. area, I have to give my great big Fuck You of the Month to expedia.com

Expedia.com, FUCK YOU!

Ah, cussing and bitching. Feels good to be home*.

* = comment not to indiciate more frequent updates will be forthcoming, just a general observation.


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Quote Of The Day
(Seven Storey - Flavor War)
It's getting hard to pretend
The wave we ride will one day end
Embarrassed for what I see
What happened to ingenuity
A light but dim
A tiny lump of coal
A diamond was the goal
But this impatience tends to make
The process go so slow
It's a flavor war
But your taste is gone
And you can't find more
It's getting hard to pretend
The wave we ride tomorrow ends

I normally don't just quote lyrics, and while these aren't particularly brilliant for some reason they just really resonate...I think it's because in some way they seem similar to the stuff I write, but this is considerably more coherant.

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